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  • Humanification – Christian Kromme
  • Wearables: is the next big thing already here? – Paul Armstrong
  • Underwriters of the future – David Williams
  • Ticker Talks Telematics – Richard King
  • Love it Locket – Krystian Zajac
  • Green Parts: an Automotive  Discussion
  • Fraud in Discussion
  • Cybersecurity Liability Insurance: Navigating an increasingly complex area of risk – Andrew Rose
  • Tech to Look Out For
  • Insurers have made huge strides in tackling the rising tide of fraud hitting them and their customers, but as the rapid-fire changes in criminal tactics continue — with scams on social media the latest focus — how well are they doing compared with other sectors? – Robert Harris
  • Extended Reality: Worth the Risk? – Amelia Kallman
  • UK Customer Service Excellence Awards…The drums are calling you
  • Tech is the answer, no matter what the question – I Love Claims
  • Just a Thought from Eddie Longworth: Living With the Future
  • 10 Minutes With – Alexa

The 2020 Customer Service Excellence Awards

Featured Interview

A Magic Moment For The Insurance Industry  

Rowan Douglas leads Climate and Resilience Hub (CRH) at WTW and Chairs the Willis Research Network. Here he discusses the insurance sector’s developments in risk management, climate resilience and the threshold of transformation it currently...

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