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BIBA launches new member ‘SmartBroker’ facility with FullCircl


BIBA launches new member ‘SmartBroker’ facility with FullCircl

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The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) has launched a new member facility with FullCircl, the Customer Lifecycle Intelligence (CLI) platform, that provides insurance brokers with a wealth of comprehensive company information and insights for businesses in the UK and Ireland.

FullCircl SmartBrokerTM  – available to BIBA members at a special discounted rate – is a unique proposition designed to help brokers prospect with precision, deliver tailored outreach at scale, provide better underwriting submissions, increase client retention, and cultivate existing books of business efficiently and cost-effectively.

Mike Hallam, BIBA’s Head of Technical Services, said:

“We’re delighted to launch this exciting new facility that promises to help our members tackle some of their biggest challenges. The SmartBroker platform is the culmination of close collaboration between BIBA and FullCircl, and we believe it will deliver meaningful opportunities to drive growth across our member base.”

Ashleigh Gwilliam, Insurance Success Director at FullCircl added:

“As an ex-broker, I am truly delighted to bring SmartBroker to BIBA members. Insights surfaced by processing vast amounts of information on UK companies, and delivered through a simple web application, creates a powerful tool for brokers to have at their disposal. SmartBroker provides access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date information throughout the life of a customer; something we call Customer Lifecycle Intelligence. SmartBroker improves business performance, enables faster and more accurate decision making, and differentiated client experiences, delivering the same ROI no matter the size of the business.”

SmartBroker brings together super-connected and enriched data and insight on companies and the officers inside them using FullCircl’s proprietary graph technology. The FullCircl Business Information GraphTM ingests and matches billions of data points from official and premium 3rd-party sources, which can be integrated directly via API into Acturis, Salesforce, and other workflow and operational platforms, or simply accessed through the FullCircl SmartBroker web-based application.

FullCircl SmartBroker is available on a subscription basis with special terms for BIBA members through the BIBA facilities website. FullCircl already works with 40 of the top 50 UK brokers and many more independent brokers.