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BIBA’s Signposting Agreement on Age and Insurance renewed


BIBA’s Signposting Agreement on Age and Insurance renewed

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The Agreement on Age and Insurance between Government, the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) and the Association of British Insurers (ABI) renewed today. This ‘Signposting Agreement’ continues to help older people find the essential travel or car cover they need.

One million1 enquiries about car and travel insurance from older people have been made to BIBA’s Find Insurance Service since the launch of the well-established Agreement. The Agreement means that if an insurer or insurance broker is unable to offer cover to an older motorist or traveller because of their age, they will refer the customer to a provider who can meet their needs.

Alternatively, they can turn to a dedicated signposting service such as the Find-Insurance Service, operated by BIBA, which can be reached by telephone on 0370 950 1790 or via The online service uses a sophisticated search function to point people to a suitable member broker, while the contact centre will triage callers seeking insurance before putting them through to a broker that is most likely to be able to help.

Graeme Trudgill, Chief Executive at BIBA, said:

“This Agreement is a great example of the industry working together for the good of customers. BIBA is delighted to continue with it in conjunction with Government and the ABI following eleven successful years. It is increasingly important as our population ages and the number of older people travelling overseas has increased rapidly post-COVID, that people get all the support they need to find the right insurance protection.”

Hannah Gurga, ABI Director General, added:

“Our industry wants all customers to be able to access competitively priced insurance that provides vital peace of mind, and this initiative is helping to deliver that. It’s good to see the Agreement renewed between the Government, BIBA and ourselves and the positive impact it’s had in helping many older customers to continue to be covered for driving and travelling.”

Andrew Griffith MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, commented:

“We all need insurance to continue doing the things we love – whether that’s travelling to see the world or driving to see friends and family. That’s why it’s so important that tools like the Age Agreement are in place to help find older customers appropriate cover.”

Case Study:

Mr. Desmond Ruel (71) struggled to access to travel insurance after he booked a Baltic cruise to celebrate his 45th wedding anniversary in August 2022 with his wife, Myrna. BIBA’s Find Insurance Service helped him to find travel insurance after his bank were unable to continue to provide cover to him due to his age.

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