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Five Minutes with the Judges: Daryn Robinson

Ahead of the Insurance CX Awards on 1st February 2023, Modern Insurance Magazine sat down with Daryn Robinson, Technical Director – CX Transformations at AllThingsCX to chat about the importance of good CX, the upcoming judging opportunity, and more…


Q. Hi, Daryn – great to have you on board as a judge for the 2023 Insurance CX Awards!

Why don’t we start by talking about AllThingsCX, the services you provide and the work you’re up to over there? Tell me more…

A. Thanks, Amelia.

AllThingsCX is a Trusted Partner in CX Transformations. We serve as your team’s extension at any stage of your contact centre or unified communications journey, from guidance to execution and optimisation. Our team manages the key elements of the selection process, including meetings, financial analysis (ROI/TCO) and more.

AllThingsCX also facilitates post-selection items such as contract negotiation, project implementation, and ongoing education and advocacy.

We offer these capabilities in CCaaS, UCaaS, WFM, analytics, and other customer key engagement technologies and services.

We’re certainly working on some exciting projects at the moment, with a considerable emphasis on improving our Client’s Customers Experience!


Q. How does effective CX drive business growth, in your experience?

A. With each positive experience, your customer will have a shift in their perception of you and your business; viewing you as a partner and an ally instead of simply a vendor.

Consistent, great CX helps to create brand loyalty. It means having customers who are happy to make repeat purchases from you.


Q. Define what bad CX looks like for you.

How can the industry take action to improve this across the board?

A. This is easy – it’s when a customer or client feels their expectations are not met!

Common examples include something as simple as putting a customer on hold or transferring callers to different departments constantly. Using negative language, or asking customers to repeat answers and security questions are also recurrent problems, alongside falling short by not having the correct customer information to hand via a connected CRM.

There are many more examples of bad CX, but the industry can take action to address this by listening and responding to the needs of their customer at every possible touch point.


Q. How can customer engagement be improved through technology? What advantages are there to using technology in relation to the customer experience?

A. I would say engagement is primarily improved when you choose a CX platform that connects every journey in the digital communication channels of a customer base, and with seamless access to the CRM application of choice.

Also – by giving their CX Agents everything needed to ensure the customer is not left behind, collecting data in real-time and using industry-leading AI Technology is vital to turn even the most minor of interactions into big-time opportunities.


Q. What aspects of the judging position at the Insurance CX Awards piqued your interest, and what are you most looking forward to on the night?

A. There’s been this phenomenal explosion of CX in recent times, alongside the use of technology and how it is blending in so many ways. Businesses are recognising they need to upgrade their technologies to keep ahead of the game, and being on the judging panel provides a great opportunity to pioneer this and celebrate great CX across the industry.

I’m most looking forward to seeing the reactions of the winners in a few of the categories. I’m not sure if I am allowed to say which ones – but I am sure you can guess!


Q. If you could say one thing to the award winners on the night, what would this be?

A. ‘Keep the Customer’s Journey simple!’



About AllThingsCX:

AllThingsCX is a specialised project consultancy, helping businesses filter through the complexity involving Unified Communications/Contact Centre as a Service (UCaaS/CCaaS) transformations.

We offer a versatile service so that we can cater to the needs of all clients and take advantage of innovative and easy-to-use cloud-based technologies. It’s our goal to help every client optimise their communications systems so that they can maximise efficiencies and improve business practices.

We are supported by world-class vendors, providing businesses with valuable advice from selection to full on-site integration and migrating operations to the cloud.

We have a combined experience of thousands of unified communications transformations, contact centre modernisation programmes, and managed lifecycle solutions.

Our experts will become valued members of the team, offering strategic advice, and helping you to optimise your communication platforms

We aim to deliver a first-class service to all clients, as we conduct ourselves in a professional manner and help you to achieve your goals.

Sound good? Visit the website here: