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Getting to Know… Aishling Meyler, Senior Director, Software Engineering, UK and Ireland, LexisNexis Risk Solutions


Getting to Know… Aishling Meyler, Senior Director, Software Engineering, UK and Ireland, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

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Modern Insurance Magazine recently got together with Aishling Meyler – Senior Director, Software Engineering, UK and Ireland, LexisNexis Risk Solutions – to discuss career achievements, risk, resilience, and the benefits of a curious approach to work.


Q. Hi Aishling, great to meet you!

Tell me about your role! What do you do, and what do you find most interesting about it?

A. I’m currently the head of technology for our Insurance business in the UK and Ireland.  Our teams develop software solutions for the insurance industry, specifically looking at risk. Improving the accuracy of risk assessment is vital to success in insurance, yet as the economy, environment and technology changes, so do the factors affecting risk. One of the most fulfilling aspects of my role is working with massively talented engineers to create solutions that allow insurance providers to keep pace with that change.

Q. What are the challenges facing your business right now, and how are you working to overcome them?

A. Top priorities in developing Insurtech software include optimising workflows, which hopefully leads to elevating the customer experience and ultimately, of course, increasing ROI and bottom line for insurance providers.  As with many sectors, however, customers in the insurance industry are now demanding a more personalised experience from quote to claim. We are responding by engineering software to be able to deliver that personalisation.

Q. If you could go back to the start of your professional career, what piece of advice would you give to yourself?

A. Don’t sit on your hands! Put your hand up to volunteer for work that you are interested in, even if it feels beyond your comfort zone or if you are not sure whether it is suited to you exactly.  Only by putting yourself forward will people know that you might be attracted to a role, and only by doing that project will you know if it is an area you want to pursue in your career.  It’s also worth remembering; although you feel that everyone else is confident and knows more than you, that’s not always the case!

Q. What would be your prediction for the industry in 2023 and beyond?

A. ‘Resilience’ is the watchword for this year and beyond, I think.  There are so many factors at play right now that make the job of insurance provision quite a challenging one, but I think this will spur even greater innovation in our sector underpinned by new insights and new technology. They say necessity is the mother of invention.

Q. What made you want to work in this industry?

A. I always loved Maths when I was at school, so my careers guidance teacher pointed me in the direction of a computer science degree which led me into various development roles after university, and eventually to my current role.  The Insurtech industry is so vibrant and dynamic.  No two days are ever the same, and with the support and opportunities available, I have never considered leaving and still feel that every day is a school day.

Q. Thus far, what has been your most significant or proudest achievement in your current or previous roles?

A. Of course there are achievements that I am proud of; however, I think it is always worth remembering that you learn from failure too.  When a project doesn’t go to plan and you have to work hard to resolve issues and get back on track; that is when you really learn and develop in your career, building team relationships and dynamics.  In fact I would go as far as saying that pulling back projects from the brink have ultimately led to some of my biggest successes!

Q. How would you like to see the insurance industry improved in the near future? 

A. The technology sector is facing major challenges in attracting women to apply for roles. It is vital that employers go further to make roles appealing and do more to support women coming into the sector at ground level. Like many, I would really like to see a more diverse workforce in this industry in the next 5 years.

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