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Insurance CX Awards 2024: Protex Financial


Insurance CX Awards 2024: Protex Financial

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We were thrilled to win two awards for Retention & Loyalty and Social CX at the Insurance CX Awards 2023.


These two awards sum up our core values at Protex Financial. We aim to provide a high-quality service, putting the customer first and offering a first-class client experience whilst utilising modern technology and techniques.

Our goal is to provide the best in financial services for our clients, and we’re committed to helping them meet their needs in a variety of situations.

With the recent changes to Consumer Duty, we saw this year as an opportunity to grow our product offering. We’ve started offering private medical insurance, home insurance, and business insurance alongside our protection and mortgage business, and have set up partnerships with wills, trusts, pensions, investments, and equity release businesses in order to make sure our clients have a holistic view of financial services.

With the cost-of-living crisis, it’s important to ensure clients’ policies are still relevant to their current circumstances. We believe in keeping regular contact with our clients and keeping them up to date on their policies and benefits.

It’s important for us to acknowledge our clients for their business, and it’s even more important when we look to build on a culture of service. Our client care packages are a great example of how our clients are always our top priority here at Protex Financial. The feedback we receive is phenomenal, including thank you messages, positive reviews and social media posts from clients who feel valued, which has a huge positive impact on client retention and loyalty in turn.

We drive our online platforms through social media, sales funnels, SEO and interactive forms, followed by a sleek aftercare process. We work to create interesting content for our client base, utilising TikTok, Instagram Reels and creative content in a fun and friendly approach. We use a balance of humorous and informative content to engage with our target market, which we believe is one of the reasons behind our Social CX award win back in 2023.

We recognise that our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We want to give them the best experience possible and make sure they know that they’re in good hands every step of the way. That’s why we work so hard to improve our customer experience (CX) every single day.

This year, we’re aiming to bring home some more accolades at the Insurance CX Awards, as we’ve worked hard to keep growing our business. Our team is dedicated to making sure our customers feel heard, understood, and loved—and that’s why we’re so proud a part of these awards for another year!

To find out more about Protex Financial, visit their website here