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Insurance CX Awards 2024: Q&A with Dave Vella, Executive Director, GT Motive


Insurance CX Awards 2024: Q&A with Dave Vella, Executive Director, GT Motive

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Ahead of the Insurance CX Awards on Wednesday 7th February, we sat down with Dave Vella, Executive Director at GT Motive, to discuss company values, current projects, and the benefits of a singular web-based, cloud-based platform.


Q. Hello Dave, thanks so much for your time today!

We’re delighted to have you on board as a sponsor for the ‘Retention and Loyalty’ category at the 2024 Insurance CX Awards! Why don’t we start by talking about GT Motive, the work you do and the projects you’re working on / the clients you’re working with at the moment?

A. Thanks for having me!

This year, like every year, GT Motive have been focusing on providing features that benefit our customers and set us apart. We’ve been putting our customers at the forefront of our business since day one, and we still have regular sessions with them so we can better understand their pain-points. We deliver around 5 major product releases per year, which are all packed with functionality to assist our customers located across 28 countries.

So far this year, we’ve assisted over 1,000 repairers, 3 leading work providers, 7 repair networks, 6 BMS platforms, insurance companies and many more in the supply chain. We cover everyone in the chain, from technology platforms to salvage companies and parts providers.

Because we’re web-based and cloud-based, we have one singular version of our platform, which means all our customers receive the most up-to-date database to work with. There’s nothing better than knowing that you’re working in the same environment and receiving the same great service from us, no matter the size of your business!


Q: How does the history of the company and its values factor into this work?  

A. GT Motive is built upon extensive knowledge of the vehicle repair process. We’ve been disrupting the UK automotive industry for the past few years, and our customers love it.

The company is over 10 years old and has grown significantly in that time. We’re continually investing in the platform and integrating new technology into our software, allowing us to continue to be an open ecosystem that is different to other providers. We’re always keen to invest and connect with like-minded companies who want to improve the end-to-end repair process.

For us to continue to provide value and a high-quality product at a cost-effective price, we have our four pillars. Collaboration, integration, automation, and innovation. These pillars drive everything we do, and they’re the reason our customers choose us every day.

We recently won the ‘Estimatics Platform of the Year’ for the third year running at the ABP Night of Knights Awards. This was a clear demonstration of just how much we value our customers, and how much they value us. Our reliability, usability and rapid customer support are what sets us apart from the rest.


Q. How do the various solutions on offer support insurers, assessors, and accident management companies?

A. One of the many unique features within GT Motive is that we don’t have several different products. We’ve picked one platform, which does it all and we’ve perfected it. Nothing is housed on different platforms or requires integration with other GT Motive products. We’ve made it simple for our customers.

Our singular platform offers modalized functionality, tailored to suit the clients’ needs. We’ve created a platform that can match what an assessor, insurer, accident management company or a repairer needs to see. It’s an intuitive product that is beyond easy to use!

We also offer free online training, and we’re confident that within a few hours, anyone will see the operational benefits to using GT Motive.

We have solutions that cover everything from repair calculation and invoicing to total loss management and reporting. In addition to this, we also offer a full SMR product, all within the GT Motive platform, accessible whenever you need it. That’s what innovation is all about.


Q. What about the offering for bodyshops and repair centres?

A. With GT Motive, the customer always comes first. We think about all of our users’ pain points and how best to address them, in a cost-effective and safe manner.

We know that implementing new technology and systems into a pre-existing business model can be daunting, but that’s why we offer additional training and services, making the switch to GT Motive seamless and simple.

From free online training and a pay-as-you-go commercial model, to no subscription fees and a prize freeze over the past few years, there’s no excuse not to use GT Motive. We’re a cost-effective, technology driven, cloud-based solution that is perfect for insurers, repairers and more!


Q. Which aspect of the Awards night are you most looking forward to?

A. Attending awards shows is always an exciting time for us. We love seeing people we know within the automotive industry, and it’s always nice to catch-up with old friends!

I think the best part of awards ceremonies (other than winning them!) is making new connections with like-minded professionals in our industry. It’s a great opportunity to foster new relationships and see our fellow peers get recognised for their talent and hard work.


Q. If you could offer one piece of advice to the award winners, what would that be and why?

A. Just enjoy being in the moment. Remember that this is an opportunity to be recognised for your hard work. It’s not easy to win one of these awards, and you will have done something special to impress the judges.

When Monday morning comes, figure out what you need to do moving forward and put yourselves in a position to win again next year. Be thankful for the opportunity you’ve presented yourself with, but focus on growth and innovation. That’s what truly sets you apart.


To find out more about GT Motive, visit their website here.