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Modern Claims Awards 2024: In Conversation with Danielle Williamson, S&G Response


Modern Claims Awards 2024: In Conversation with Danielle Williamson, S&G Response

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Ahead of the Modern Claims Awards 2024, Modern Insurance Magazine catches up with Danielle Williamson, Service Delivery Manager at S&G Response and previous winner of our Rising Star of the Year award.


Q. Hi Danielle! It’s fantastic to sit down with you 12 months on from your win at last year’s Modern Claims Awards! What was this like for you, and what have you been up to since we last saw you?

A. Winning the ‘Rising Star of the Year’ award was an incredibly surreal but gratifying experience. To be selected as the winner in amongst some very talented and accomplished nominees was truly an honour. It has reinforced my commitment to excellence in my field and has motivated me to continue striving for professional growth. I’d again like to take the opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those that have influenced, moulded and guided me throughout my career to date, and those who continue to encourage me to the best version of myself.

Since then, I’ve been actively engaged in expanding my expertise, tackling new projects, and contributing positively to the success of S&G Response. It remains my personal goal to support and help the rising stars of the future to grow.


Q. You are a Service Delivery Manager at S&G Response, our valued headline sponsor for our 2024 event! What does this role entail, and what does a typical week look like for you?

A. As a Service Delivery Manager at S&G Response, my role is fundamentally managing and nurturing relationships; in turn, this supports the successful delivery of services to our clients in the motor industry. This can involve managing internal stakeholders (such as our wonderful operational teams), coaching and mentoring our growing team leader population, and working collaboratively with my colleagues in the Senior Leadership team. I strive daily to ensure everything we do is in keeping with our culture, which is to ensure that everyone is working to be the best version of themselves.

A typical week for me involves a diverse range of responsibilities and activities, starting with a Monday morning huddle to ensure that clear directions and goals are communicated effectively with my direct reports. This includes reviewing our resources to ensure they effectively and proactively meet our customer and client’s expectations, coordinating with internal teams to ensure appropriate staffing levels, and reviewing any actions with my direct reports for the week. I find this activity helps to kick start our week in the most efficient and proactive way possible. It also helps to encourage open and collaborative communication with my teams.

Throughout the week, I am proactively engaging with our clients, working to understand their needs and ensuring that our services align with their expectations. This involves conducting regular meetings, listening to their feedback and addressing any concerns or issues that may arise. By building strong relationships, we strive to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

On a Wednesday, we meet weekly as a Senior Leadership Team to strategise essential day-to-day business operations, lead core initiatives and ensure transparency and harmony across the various departments. Our business is constantly innovating, improving and developing; therefore, this meeting helps us all to collaborate and work harmoniously as one team.

Another important aspect of my role involves optimising operational effectiveness. I work closely with internal teams to streamline processes, identify areas for improvement, and implement efficiency measures. This may involve conducting performance analysis, reviewing service delivery metrics, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to develop and implement improvement initiatives. By continuously optimising our operation, I aim to enhance service quality, reduce costs, and increase overall efficiency.


Q. What has your career journey been like so far in order to get to this point? What roles and responsibilities have you taken on in the past to aid your growth?

A. My career journey has been marked by steady progression and a commitment to personal and professional development. Starting as a Business Administration Apprentice in 2015, I achieved a Distinction, which laid the foundation for my understanding of business operations and organisational dynamics. Transitioning to a Claims Handler role in 2016 provided me with invaluable hands-on experience in managing and resolving claims efficiently and effectively. In 2017, I was awarded with the Accountability Award at S&G’s very first values Awards ceremony.

I was promoted to the role of Team Leader in 2018, where I was entrusted with the day-to-day running of a team and people management responsibilities. The role honed my leadership skills and ability to motivate and guide team members towards shared goals. Later in 2018, I went on to win the Overall Values Champion Award at the next values Awards ceremony.

By 2022, I had advanced to the position of Service Delivery Manager, a role that afforded me broader responsibilities including making commercial decisions, overseeing the operational output of multiple teams, and spearheading coaching and development initiatives. This role has challenged me to think strategically, managing complex workflows and driving continuous improvement across the organisation.

Throughout my career journey, I’ve been fortunate to work alongside managers who possess diverse strengths. Some excel in technical expertise, while others naturally thrive as leaders of people. Drawing inspiration from varied experiences, I’ve crafted my own unique management style – one that prioritises honesty, emphasises coaching over mentoring, and embraces a more human-centred approach to tackling challenges. The amalgamation of these influences has shaped my leadership philosophy, guiding me to foster an environment where authenticity, growth and empathy are valued cornerstones.


Q. What do you like best about your role, and S&G as a firm?

A. From my very first interaction with S&G Response, I sensed that their company culture held immense significance. It was clear that they prioritised creating an environment where individuals are encouraged to flourish, not just during the typical 9-5 work hours but in all aspects of their lives, including encouraging them to take an active role in volunteering and supporting their local communities.

The organisation continues to foster an ethos which embraces growth and inclusivity for all; it supports and challenges employees to become the best versions of themselves, with the knowledge that support and encouragement is there from a Leadership level.

This emphasis on personal and professional development resonated deeply with me. It signified a commitment from S&G Response to invest in their employees, creating a space that nurtures talent and promotes continuous improvement. The open encouragement for growth and the genuine care for the wellbeing of their staff were all key factors that attracted me to the company.

In hindsight, the decision to join S&G Response nine years ago was one that I can wholeheartedly say was the right one for me. It has been an enriching and fulfilling journey, where I have had numerous opportunities to learn, grow, and excel in my role. The supportive and empowering culture at S&G Response has played a pivotal role in my professional and personal development, allowing me to unlock my potential and achieve milestones that I never envisioned. I am proud to work at S&G Response and the role I play in its continued growth.


Q. As a previous winner at the Modern Claims Awards, and knowing what you know about the tone of Modern Insurance events, what are you most looking forward to about our 2024 event in a few weeks’ time?

A. As a previous winner at the Modern Claims Awards, I’m eagerly looking forward to the vibrant atmosphere and networking opportunities that characterise Modern Insurance events. I’m incredibly excited to be invited back again to represent S&G Response, as the headline sponsor for this year’s event. Furthermore, I am looking forward to recognising the achievements of those likeminded and deserving peers in the industry, alongside the opportunity to catch up, exchange valuable insights, and perhaps even raise a few glasses in celebration!


The Modern Claims Awards will be held at The Rum Warehouse, Liverpool, on Thursday 18th April 2024.