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Modern Claims Awards 2024: In Conversation with Greg Laker, QuestGates


Modern Claims Awards 2024: In Conversation with Greg Laker, QuestGates

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Ahead of the Modern Claims Awards 2024, Modern Insurance Magazine catches up with Greg Laker, Director at QuestGates and kind sponsors of our Champagne Reception.


Q. Hi Greg! Thanks so much for your time today, and to QuestGates for sponsoring our Champagne Reception at this year’s Modern Claims Awards! It’s a real pleasure to have you on board in full support of the event. 

Let’s start by talking about your role. What do you do, and how does this factor into the insurance and claims ecosystem?

A. QuestGates is the UK’s largest independently owned loss adjusting and claims solutions group. We provide claims related solutions in areas where the highest levels of customer service alongside technical expertise are paramount. When a disaster happens, communities often find themselves facing immense challenges and uncertainty. As a loss adjusting company, we understand the critical role we play in supporting individuals, businesses, and communities during these difficult times. We are the face of the insurance company and are there to support and direct policyholders.

Our largest division manages property claims, and I think it’s fair to say that QuestGates has built a reputation in this sector for focusing on the larger, more complex claim. These types of claim require the highest levels of customer service and the ability to respond pro-actively throughout, which can sometimes prove more difficult for companies operating in the higher volume/lower value area, particularly in times of bad weather when claim volumes spike. Our expertise helps facilitate the speedy resolution of claims while minimising the financial impact on insurers and importantly, ensuring that policyholders are supported through the claims process.


Q. What has been your biggest achievement in your career to date? What are you most proud of?

A. It’s hard to believe, but I have worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years, most of which has been in the Loss Adjusting profession. During this time, I have had several highs and quite a few challenges. The two achievements that stand out are becoming a Chartered Loss Adjuster and the introduction of the QG Academy.

I’m very passionate about professional qualifications, and I believe the CILA examinations are important because they provide a pathway to professional accreditation, facilitate knowledge and skills development, support career advancement, promote industry standards and best practices, and encourage ongoing professional development. By obtaining CILA qualifications, loss adjusters demonstrate their commitment to excellence and contribute to the integrity and professionalism of the insurance industry.

I introduced the QG Academy over 7 years ago, and this provides a gateway for new talent to enter the Loss Adjusting profession. The academy promotes professional development as well as professional qualifications, and now includes a successful apprenticeship programme.

In terms of my proudest moment – this was working with my eldest daughter on our carbon reduction strategy. Jasmine graduated from Leeds University with a degree in Environmental Management and Sustainability, and worked with me and the team for 6 months helping shape our future sustainability strategy. Sadly, she refused to call me Boss!


Q. Tell me about QuestGates’ sustainability plan?

A. Sustainability is a key focus for our business now and for the future. Our aim is to establish ambitious sustainability objectives and foster a culture of environmental responsibility throughout the organisation, consistently seeking opportunities to evolve and enhance sustainability practices. We are working closely with our clients, suppliers, and employees to drive sustainable and environmental change throughout our workplace.

We have committed to becoming Net-Zero in Scope 1 & 2 by 2030, and Scope 3 by 2040. In 2019, we established our baseline figures, which were subsequently approved by SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative).

We believe that data is essential for implementing and monitoring a sustainability plan. Working in partnership with Environmental Consultants, we have developed a unique and innovative web-based system to help manage and track the environmental impact of building projects.

The new claims carbon calculator tool is the first to accurately measure carbon emissions on insurance related building claims, helping our adjusters, surveyors and contractor partners make better decisions about landfill use, reinstatement methods and products to use. Ultimately, this reduces the carbon footprint of a claim journey.

The data is essential in helping to shape future claims philosophies and policy wordings, as well as ultimately reducing claims costs. By forging strong partnerships and leveraging innovative tools like the Carbon Calculator, we are creating a synergy that fosters sustainability, aligning our actions with environmental responsibility, and ensuring that our clients have access to data-driven, environmentally conscious solutions for their claims management needs.


Q. What about Fraud and Counter Fraud? How do QuestGates achieve a collaborative approach to fighting fraud in the insurance/claims landscape?

A. QuestGates has a dedicated Counter Fraud team who work closely with our Loss Adjusters. We invest in training and educating our staff on fraud detection, investigation techniques, and regulatory requirements. By equipping employees with the knowledge and skills to identify red flags and suspicious behaviour, we empower them to effectively combat fraud in their day-to-day operations. Ongoing training and professional development ensure that staff remain vigilant and up-to-date on the latest fraud trends and tactics.

Our counter Fraud team also collaborates with insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, industry associations, and other stakeholders to share information and intelligence on fraudulent activities. By pooling resources and expertise, they can identify patterns of fraud, share best practices, and coordinate efforts to combat fraudulent behaviour effectively.


Q. What are you most looking forward to about the Awards night, and why?

A. Meetings friends, colleagues, and clients and hopefully winning an award!


The Modern Claims Awards will be held at The Rum Warehouse, Liverpool, on Thursday 18th April 2024.