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Ten Minutes with… Glen Bevis, AllThingsCX


Ten Minutes with… Glen Bevis, AllThingsCX

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As part of a new working partnership with AllThingsCX, Modern Insurance Magazine sat down with Glen Bevis, Project Manager, to discuss current projects, the evolution of CX, and a dream round of golf!


Q. Hello Glen! Let’s start by discussing your role and responsibilities at AllThingsCX. Could you elaborate on your job functions and how you entered this field?

A. As the Project Manager at AllThingsCX, I oversee the daily operations of our projects to ensure that our team can efficiently deliver products to our clients. I am hands-on with every aspect and stage of a project, working with individuals from around the world. Prior to my career in CX, I spent 20 years as a sports statistician for a national newspaper. However, due to the decline of print journalism, I decided to transition to CX. The industry’s growth and technological advancements were too promising to ignore.


Q. What is your current focus in your role at AllThingsCX?

A. Numerous projects are underway at AllThingsCX, but one of our largest endeavours at the moment involves an enterprise company. ATCX has been contracted to provide telephony and contact centres to 2,500 users across more than 20 countries. This company had mostly outdated on-premises PBX systems or no telephony at all. Following the success of the rollout in Australia, they expanded it globally to over 60 sites. Additionally, we’re currently working on a project with Nice CXone to deliver a cloud contact centre to an approx. 450 Agents. We also provide ongoing technical support specialising in cloud communications.


Q. In your opinion, what constitutes excellent CX?

A. To me, excellent CX involves treating customers well and ensuring their satisfaction with our service and technology. We exclusively offer the best and most reputable technologies, and value for money is crucial. Our customers can expect a high level of service, from the start of the project to long after it is completed.


Q. How do you perceive CX evolving currently, and what factors contribute to this evolution?

A. CX is constantly evolving, with new technologies being released and updated regularly. These include AI and cloud-based contact centres with real-time data and reporting capabilities. Customer engagement methods are continually changing, and we must keep up with their demands and expectations.


Q. Are customer expectations shifting as well? If so, how?

A. Absolutely. The pandemic has significantly altered the way companies operate day-to-day. More staff work from home and financial challenges have arisen, leading to the need for more trust in what is delivered. Customers expect the best service at the best price, precisely what we strive to provide at AllThingsCX.


Q. If you could select three individuals, alive or deceased, to play a round of golf with, who would you choose and why?

A. Although it may not pertain to CX, golf is my favourite sport and I am an avid fan. Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer of all time and a global icon, would undoubtedly be my first pick. Rory McIlroy, another exceptional player and worldwide ambassador for the sport, would be my second choice. Lastly, Matthew Le Tissier, a Southampton FC legend and one of the greatest players in the team’s history, would complete my fourball. He is also a great golfer.



About AllThingsCX:

AllThingsCX is a specialised project consultancy, helping businesses filter through the complexity involving Unified Communications/Contact Centre as a Service (UCaaS/CCaaS) transformations.

We offer a versatile service so that we can cater to the needs of all clients and take advantage of innovative and easy-to-use cloud-based technologies. It’s our goal to help every client optimise their communications systems so that they can maximise efficiencies and improve business practices.

We are supported by world-class vendors, providing businesses with valuable advice from selection to full on-site integration and migrating operations to the cloud.

We have a combined experience of thousands of unified communications transformations, contact centre modernisation programmes, and managed lifecycle solutions.

Our experts will become valued members of the team, offering strategic advice, and helping you to optimise your communication platforms

We aim to deliver a first-class service to all clients, as we conduct ourselves in a professional manner and help you to achieve your goals.

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