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The Forum of Insurance Lawyers (FOIL) announces four new members


The Forum of Insurance Lawyers (FOIL) announces four new members

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The Forum of Insurance Lawyers (FOIL) is delighted to announce that in the past six months, the organisation has welcomed another four new members – two law firms and two new Trade and Industry Partners.

The law firms are Ince and Beale & Co, with the Quest Partnership and TIW Group joining as Trade and Industry Partners.

Here’s what they each had to say:

“I am delighted that Ince has recently become a member of FOIL. Having been personally involved in FOIL for many years, and as Immediate Past President, I can first hand say what an incredible and valuable organisation it is for the insurance lawyer community. The benefits of membership are vast for a firm like Ince in supporting our clients across many of the major insurance business lines. We look forward to taking an active part in the sector groups and London FOIL, as well as being at the forefront of advancing positive change for the sector with the other members.”

– Jennette Newman, Global Head of Insurance, Ince.


“I am very pleased that Beale & Co has joined FOIL in England & Wales. Beale & Co has over 180 years of experience in providing specialist legal advice and looks forward to taking an active role in FOIL. I have personally been involved with FOIL for a number of years where I have seen the huge benefits that FOIL provides in helping our clients navigate the legal changes affecting the insurance market.”

– Ross Baker, Partner, Financial & Specialty Risks, Beale & Co


“The Quest Partnership has had an excellent 31 year relationship with the Legal profession in all claims investigation areas of litigation. TQP welcomes the opportunity to enhance that contribution through FOIL.”

-Peter Mann, Director and CEO, The Quest Partnership


“TIW Group is delighted to have joined FOIL. We are excited by the prospect of working with Insurance Law Firms as Technology Consultants delivering secure Document and Collaboration solutions. Our breadth and depth of knowledge provide many years of experience having worked with multiple Lloyd’s Underwriters, Global Insurers, and London Market Brokers.”

-David Edwards, CEO, TIW Group


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