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A Year On: Innovations, Ingenuity and Inclusiveness


A Year On: Innovations, Ingenuity and Inclusiveness

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A Year On: Innovation, Ingenuity and Inclusiveness

Twelve months ago, I was celebrating being newly promoted to MD of FMG. Celebrations were short-lived as luck stubbornly refused to shine on anybody last year; we needed to create our own. 2020 became a year focussed on seizing new opportunities and investing in new innovations, new processes and new technologies to write our own narrative for the future. 

We yielded our own success, experiencing such strong growth that we now manage more vehicles through our collective client base than ever before. We’ve also seen sustained levels of business retention and customer engagement, leading to opportunities for deeper partnerships with a number of existing clients. 

Fundamental to steadying our ship so quickly was viewing the boundaries and pushing through them – rapidly and effectively adapting our business processes, developing innovations and building resilience. Our people, as always, proved to be our greatest asset, personifying our deep-rooted business values which reflect the ethos our business is built upon. None-more-so than ‘excellence’ – challenging ourselves and others to be the best we can be. This allowed all aspects of service levels to be maintained, and ensure clients, customers and partners received unwavering service amid a wavering world. 

Here we are today, International Women’s Day 2021, and as the sun shines tentatively on the changing world, I am proud to lead an intelligent, creative and inspirational team, one which worked side by side (virtually!) to navigate the storm. 

At the heart of our business is a culture of inclusiveness, where excellence is rewarded and talent thrives. Where reward and recognition are commensurate with talent and contribution and where our diverse population receives support and empowerment to expand their aspirations, and where every person’s achievement is fuelled by their own ambition.

This week, like any other, we’re proud to show the industry that brilliance has no bias. I’m delighted to lead FMG through the next stage of our evolution: there’s nothing like a crisis to accelerate your steepest learning curve!


Claire Owens | Managing Director | FMG

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